Q: Where are Zapp's made?
A: Since 1985, we've been making Zapp's at our Gramercy, LA location. Our plant started out life as the former Foucheux Chevrolet many years ago, and then became the potato chip capital of the free world, with a few building additions. Gramercy is also famous for our Christmas bonfires, built on the Mississippi River's levees by local families, and lit on Christmas Eve to help Papa Noel find his way here.
Q: What is the story behind Zapp's Potato Chips?
A: Zapp's was started in 1985 by Ron Zappe, who's love of food and great snacks drove him to produce a Kettle style chip that made everyone say "wow". Ron hadn't been in the food business before, so he didn't know he shouldn't succeed...he just went ahead and did it!
Q: What's special about Zapp's "Original Cajun Kettle Recipe"?
A: We start out with select potatoes, slice them thicker, and cook them a batch at time in our own design of kettles. This gives them a louder crunch and a heartier potato taste. And that's before we season them!
Q: Why do Zapp's flavors taste so good?
A: We formulate flavors that excite the palate. Zapp's spends a little more than most folks do on spices and flavors, too, but you can taste the difference.
Q: Are Zapp's lower in sodium than other potato chips?
A: Our chips typically have about half the sodium per ounce compared to national brands. We prefer to add a lot of flavor, not a lot of salt.
Q: Why does Zapp's cook in a peanut oil blend?
A: Our peanut oil blend gives our chips a special, nutty taste that differentiates Zapp's from everyday chips. Our peanut oil blend has been delivering a great taste and a cholesterol free snack. Our peanut oil blend is also low in Saturated fats, too. Best of all, Zapp's has been Transfat free all that time, too - years ahead of its time!
Q: Why doesn't Zapp's list "peanuts" as an allergen on the bag?
A: We only use highly refined, processed peanut oil in making our chips. The process used to make our oil removes the protein from the peanut. The protein is the source allergic reaction. Recent studies have done blind testing on people with known peanut allergies, and they had no reaction when given peanut oil.
"Refined peanut and soybean oils are safe for allergic individuals because they do not contain protein, the component of a food that causes an allergic reaction. Unsafe examples of these oils are found primarily in items from health food stores or some gourmet foods. They would be listed on the label as cold pressed oil, expeller pressed oil, or extruded oil. These oils are very expensive, and are thus not used widely by food manufacturers.(1)"
FDA guidelines don't consider peanut oil an allergen to be listed on food packaging labels (FDA Food Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, effective January 1st, 2006). We always suggest customers check with their physician before eating our chips if they are concerned about peanut oil and their particular allergies.

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